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Lash Link

Lash Link Bonder/Sealer Duo

Lash Link Bonder/Sealer Duo

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Lash Link Bonder/Sealer Duo

Step 1- Seal it - Our Magic Lash Glue

Lash Link's Magic Glue: The Adhesive Revolution
Introducing The Adhesive ( 1 side of our power duo, from Lash Link – your ultimate secret weapon for lashes that not only stun but stay. This is where beauty meets bonding, literally (and we're not just talking lash glue; we're talking a lash lifeline!).

Tucked into one side of a sleek, mascara-esque vessel, The Adhesive is revolutionizing the way you apply your lash extensions. It's your first move right after giving those lashes a good curl, paving the path to those swoon-worthy, dreamy eyes.

Prepare to rock your Lash Link extensions with an unmatched grace period of up to a whole week, all while keeping your natural lashes safe and sound. Goodbye, lash woes; hello, prolonged elegance!

Elevate and Celebrate
Embrace the perfect blend of resilience and pampering with our lash extension glue, The Adhesive. Trust in Lash Link to turn every blink into a statement. With its intuitive mascara-style application, The Adhesive simplifies your lash routine, marking the beginning of an eyelash era filled with endless possibilities.

Crafted with care, The Adhesive ensures your natural lashes are treated to a feast of nourishment, letting you flaunt your Lash Link look for up to an enviable 5-7 days, damage-free.

A little magic goes a long way—apply a petite potion from root to mid-lash, wipe any excess off the wand, and if you're feeling extra, a second layer amps up the hold. Patience, darling—give it 30-40 seconds. You can even apply a thin layer o the lash ribbon band itself. 

Care to Dare
To keep The Adhesive at its peak:

  • Ensure a tight seal post-use to keep air out and freshness in. I can dry out otherwise darling
  • Store me cool, dry, and upright, but not too chilly.
  • Remember, I'm at my best for 4 months once we start this journey together, and 6 months if you're saving me for a special occasion.

Safety First, Glamour Always We’re all about that patch test life – a little behind the ear tells you all you need to know. Encounter any fuss? Rinse, bid adieu, and if the drama persists, a doctor’s wisdom is your next stop.

Heads Up:
Avoid eye contact, but if it happens, rinse with lots of water. Keep me away from curious little hands.

Ingredients: A blend of Acrylic Resin and Aqua (water) designed for your lash luxury.

Step 2 - Seal It: Your Lash Game's Crowning Glory

Meet Step 2 - Seal It, the grand finale in your lash application symphony. It's not just another step; it's the crescendo, the moment where everything comes together in perfect harmony. For those who don’t just finish but finish with flair, Seal It is your lash set’s knight in shining armor.

Seal the Show
Once your stunning lashes are perfectly in place, it's time for Seal It to step into the spotlight. This isn’t just about holding things together; it’s about elevating your entire lash experience to realms of unmatched elegance.

Seal It gently locks in the Adhesive and your lash extensions. This is where your lashes get their long-lasting, captivating hold. Peek in the mirror—those flawless lashes? That’s the power of Seal It (and a little bit of your magic, too).

Lasting Lash Loveliness
With Seal It, you’re not just applying a product; you’re ensuring your lash beauty endures. It’s the guardian of your lash set, making sure your extensions and natural lashes stay protected and perfect.

How to Unleash Seal It Magic:

After your lash extensions are set, bring Seal It to the stage by applying it to the base of your lashes, right where The Adhesive lives.

Feel the need for a mid-week touch-up? Seal It is there to keep your lashes looking secure and stunning.

Sticky tweezers? A dab of Seal It cleans them up and doubles down on bonding your lash line.

Cherish Your Step 2- Seal It, just like Step 1- Bond It. 

  • Always twist that lid tight after every performance to keep the air out and the magic in.
  • Cool, dry places away from the sun’s spotlight are its preferred hangouts.
  • Our bond is strong for 4 months once we start this journey, and if you’re saving it for a special day, know it’s with you for 6 months unopened.

Ingredients: A meticulously mixed potion of Water (aqua), acrylates/ethylhexyl acrylate copolymer, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol/ethylhexyl glycerin, octanol/ethyl ethyl glycerol. 

Step 2 - Seal It isn’t just a product; it’s the grand finale to your lash routine, ensuring your lashes stay as stunning as you are, day in and day out.

Ready to seal the deal on your lash beauty?

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