Hi! I am Julia. A mum of 2 from Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been a lash artist since 2010, and it’s been an incredible journey.

After training thousands of Lash artists worldwide, travelling the world to speak at conferences ans hearing peoples lash stories, I realized there was a huge demand for none-professional lash extensions as well.

Since 2016 I had already developed my professional lash brand, LASH TRIBE, where I sell products to lash business owners, but creating a "DIY home lash product", for the end-consumer was always in the back of my mind.

Julia Mann from Lash Link with students and speaking on stage

After years of uhm-ing and ahh-ing, I finally made the decision in early 2023 to start a DIY Lash Kit. Because I know that professional are not for everyone:

  • Allergies
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • being able to put them on and take them off anytime...

This can be barriers for some. As for myself, I tend to get anxious lying down for a long time and getting my lashes done.

That’s why I felt compelled to create something more accessible, something that puts you in control.

The Light Bulb Moment

What if you could be your own lash artist? What if you could customize your look based on your mood, your outfit, or even your plans for the day?

That’s when the idea for Lash Link was born—a DIY lash kit that's as versatile as you are, longer lasting than strip lashes but more affordable than extensions.

Why I am beyond excited

Lash Link isn't just a product; it's a game-changer. It's about giving you the freedom to express yourself in a way that's not just beautiful but also practical. No more salon appointments, no more allergic reactions, and no more one-and-done lashes. NO more claustrophobia. Just endless possibilities to craft your own unique look.

Ready to Link Up?

With Lash Link, you’re not just applying lashes; you're creating an experience that's uniquely yours. It's beauty, redefined—by you, for you.

Developed in every way

I used to travel the world, speak on different stages about eyelash extensions and brand development and I am now putting it all into practice.

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