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How long do Lash Link®️ Extensions last?

Up to 10 days ( Although we don't officially recommend it, due to different Lash growth cycles for each lash.

I like to apply a fresh set weekly. 💜

How long does it take to apply Lash Link®️ eyelash extensions?

In the beginning, it can take around double the time. The first time I, Julia (the creator of Lash Link®️) applied my lashes, it took me around 20 minutes.

Now I am down to around 8 minutes! The more practice the more progress babe! 💜

How do I care for my DIY segment/under-lash eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️?

Moisture Is Not a Fan
Keep those lashes dry and fly for the first 48 hours. Steamy showers, sweaty jam sessions, or just the mist from your tea? Not today. Give your lashes the space to set the stage.

Oil-Free Zone
Imagine oil-based products are like that one song that just doesn't vibe with your playlist. Keep 'em away from your eye area to maintain the lash glue integrity. Foundations, creams, even those sneaky oil-based eyeliners – steer clear.

Mascara? You’re Joking, Right?
Your Lash Link extensions have got you covered, so forget the mascara. Embrace the freedom and rock your natural lash look (but, like, enhanced).

Face Down? No Way!
Protect your lash investment. Sleeping on your back is the new chic. Give your lashes room to breathe, not squish.

Makeup Moves
When you’re painting the masterpiece that is your face, tread lightly around those eye masterpieces. Gentle does it.

Hands Off the Merch
Treat those lashes like the delicate front row of a concert – look, don’t touch. Avoid any roughhousing to keep them in headline condition.

Cleanse With Care
We recommend the Lash Tribe Foaming Lash Cleanser. It's like the VIP cleaner for your lashes. Use it to keep oil and buildup from crashing your lash party. Wash gently, pat dry, and straighten those lashes out for their next show.

Shower Smart
Water’s cool, but direct hits from the shower head? Not so much. Keep it low pressure, and remember, patting dry is way gentier than rubbing.

DIY Fixes
Spot a lash out of tune? No stress. Reapply it with the same rockstar attitude (and technique) you used the first time. Our bond and applicator are here for the encore.

Relock Ritual
Kick off your day with the Relock Method – a little dab of our STEP 2- Seal It at the roots, a gentle squeeze, and you’re set to rock those lashes for even longer.

With these tips, your Lash Link segment extensions won’t just live through your daily encore; they’ll thrive, making every day feel like the main stage. Rock on, lash lovers!

Why didn't my Lash Link®️ Lash Extensions last as long as advertised?

Chances are, you’re getting a bit too generous with the bond. Remember, it's not a buffet; a little dab will do ya! Using too much bond is like inviting too kids to your house —it just gets messy.

Quick Fix Tips:
Go Easy on the Bond: Think of the bond like your favorite spicy sauce—a little goes a long way. Get just a smidge on there.

Target the Roots: Aim for the roots of your natural lashes for that sleek, clump-free look. No need to paint it all the way up like you're channeling your inner Van Gogh with mascara.

Befriend the Segments: Make your lash link segments buddies by overlapping them slightly. It’s like linking arms so nobody gets left behind.

What else could be crashing my lash extension party?

Oh, the usual suspects:

Oil Spills: Your skin's natural oil or your fave oil-based products around the eyes might be slicker than you think. Keep 'em at bay!

Sleepy Time Tactics: Sleeping face-down is a no-go. You wouldn’t squish a masterpiece, would you?

Tug-of-War: Hands off those lashes! Let them live their best life without the pulling.

Humidity and Care: Just like your hair on a rainy day, humidity can be a buzzkill for lashes. And, always stick to the after-care script for lasting drama.

Q: I followed all the rules, but my lashes still aren’t sticking around. What gives?
After applying, give those lashes a gentle but firm squeeze with your natural ones. It’s like a good hug—necessary for a strong bond.

Remember, your lashes are like the VIPs of your beauty routine. Treat 'em right, and they'll stick by you through thick and thin (or until it’s time for a refresh).

Got more questions or need a lash pep talk? Hit us up at info@lashlink.com.au. We’re here to keep your lash game strong and your spirits high!

Lash Out Loud,
The Lash Link Tribe 💜💛💙🩷

Are Lash Link®️ Lashes ok to use if I have sensitive eyes?

Good news on the lash front: our products are like a breath of fresh air for your eyes because we’ve said "no thank you" to cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, and latex. That's right—none of those harsh chemicals here!

But hey, we all know that eyes can be a bit dramatic sometimes. So, even though we're all about gentleness, it's a good idea to do a quick patch test before you dive into the full lash experience. Just to make sure your eyes are as on board with our products as you are.

Can I apply Eyelash Extensions at home?

Absolutely! Lash Link is your DIY Lash Studio, specifically designed for home use.

They are safe and easy to use and do not use the same products a lash salon would use. Here are the deeds for the step by step application.

Can I cut and customize eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️?

Absolutely, go for it! Lash Link lash ribbons are your canvas for creating the eye look that screams "you." Here are a few tips on how to tailor those lashes to perfection:

Cat Eye Fancy a feline flick? Start very short on the inner corners and start your lash layering halfway across. Double up at the ends for that sultry, cat-eye allure.

Tailor-Fit Trim: Got unique eye contours? Feel free to snip the width for a glove-like fit. But let's keep the lashes long and luscious—trimming the length might leave you with a less-than-luxe look.

Less is Luxe: For a whisper of drama, stick to 2 or 3 segments instead of going full-on. It's perfect for a subtle cat eye or a natural flutter that still turns heads.

Style Mashup: Be your own lash DJ by mixing and matching Lash Link styles.

Dive in and play—your ultimate lash look awaits!

Can I re-use my eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️?

Yes babe! Just make sure you give them a god and gentle clean, as the liquids can build up.

Once fully dried, they are ready to go again.

But please don't share your used lashes with your friends for hygiene reasons.

My lash applicator keeps getting sticky and stuck to my lashes. What can I do?

When your applicator tweezer gets a little sticky, give it a wipe with a tiny remover.

You can also apply some Sealer to the inside of the blades when pressing the lashes together.

Are eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️ waterproof?

Yes. Kinda.The Lash Link®️ Eyelash Extensions are water-resistant and sweat proof. Though, wait 2 days before coming in contact with either. Practice common sense when showering. No good to get your eyes right into the stream :-)

If they get toooooo wet for too long, you can always re-lock them into place with a little dab of "Seal It" and then squish them together again 💛 Voila!

Are eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️ damaging my natural lashes.

Fear not!

Our DIY lash extensions are all about amping up the glam without risking your natural lash health.

—a promise we took to heart when designing our lineup. To keep your natural lashes happy and intact, it's all about following the playbook that comes with your kit. Plus, we've got video tutorials to guide you every step of the way.

Here's the lowdown on keeping things lash-friendly:

Weight Watchers: Lash Link extensions are featherlight and designed to spread the love across multiple natural lashes. This means less stress per lash compared to traditional salon extensions that can leave your naturals feeling overburdened and under-appreciated in the wrong hands.

Removal 101: The key to a drama-free goodbye? Our Gentle Lash Removal Oil It's your best friend when it's time to part ways with your extensions.

Help it along with our Lash Link®️ Cleansing Sponge.

Just a couple of minutes with the serum softens the bond, ensuring you can slide those lashes off without any natural casualties. Remember, pulling them off without this step is a big no-no—unless you’re aiming for an unplanned lash loss.

What if they hurt?

There should be no pain when applied correctly. However, if you are wearing your lashes for more than 5-7 days and they are starting to hurt or pull, it may be time for a fresh set.

Natural lashes have different Lash Growth Cycles. And some lashes may grow faster than others and want to pull the other lashes with them.

Do eyelash extensions by Lash Link®️ hurt?

There should be no pain when applied correctly.

However, if you are wearing your lashes for more than 5-7 days and they are starting to hurt or pull, it may be time for a fresh set.

Natural lashes have different Lash Growth Cycles. And some lashes may grow faster than others and want to pull the other lashes out with them.