• Less Is a Whole Lot More

    Our bonder (STEP 1) like that last slice of pizza 🍕 – precious. A small dab ensures your lashes stay on point without turning into a gluey mess. Remember, when it comes to bond, think "minimalist chic."

  • Clean Start, Stellar Finish

    Jumpstart your lash art on a blank canvas 📋. Ensuring your lashes and lids are clean and dry sets the stage for a masterpiece. It's all about that base, baby.

  • Snug as a Lash in a Rug

    Get those lash segments to cozy up close, slightly overlapping each other. It’s like they’re spooning,🛌 ensuring a secure fit and an all-day hold.

  • Focus on the Roots

    Zero in on the lash roots like they're the VIP section of a club. No need to coat all the way to the tips – unless you're going for the spider-leg chic 🕷️ (we vote no on that).

  • Keep It Tight

    Think of your bond and sealant like the freshest avocados 🥑 – exposure to air is the enemy. Keep 'em sealed tight to avoid the dreaded dry-out.

  • The Under-Lash Technique: See the Light

    Embrace the Under-Lash Method for clarity and precision in your application. It’s all about that unobstructed view, 👀 making for a seamless lash application experience. BUT for the ULTIMATE HOLD, feel free to apply some from the top as well. The sandwich the natural lashes together babes.

  • Relock and Roll Each Morning

    Adopt a morning relock ritual with a dab of sealant at the roots. A quick squeeze with your Lash Applicator, and you’re reinforcing your lashes’ staying power 💪🏽 – it’s like a mini lash spa session.

  • Avoid Sticky Situations

    If your applicator is sticking more than helping, it’s time for a quick cleanse. 🧼 A wipe-down or a bit of sealant on the applicator keeps things smooth between you and your lashes.

  • First-Timers, Take Your Time

    It took me 20 mins when I applied my first set. Now it takes me 7-8 mins. If you’re new to the DIY lash scene, don’t rush the brush. Allow yourself a leisurely 10+ minutes ⏱️ to get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll be speeding through your lash routine.

Link Up 🔗

💜If you ever feel your lashes are a little loose, re-apply a small amount of "Seal It" and re-lock the bonds with the Applicators/Tweezers

💛Apply a fresh set weekly to keep optimal lash health darling!


Lash Link Love- AFTERCARE

You’ve just upped your lash game with our killer extensions, and we’ve got the beat on how to keep that look as fresh as your first riff. Here’s your backstage pass to maxing out the life and vibe of those lash beauties:

  • Moisture Is Not a Fan

    Keep those lashes dry and fly for the first 48 hours. Steamy showers, 💦 sweaty jam sessions, or just the mist from your tea? Not today. Give your lashes the space to set the stage.

  • Oil-Free Zone

    Imagine oil-based products are like that one song that just doesn't vibe with your playlist. 🛢️ Keep 'em away from your eye area to maintain the lash glue integrity. Foundations, creams, even those sneaky oil-based eyeliners – steer clear.

  • Mascara? You’re Joking, Right?

    Your Lash Link extensions have got you covered, so forget the mascara. 🚫 Embrace the freedom and rock your natural lash look (but, like, enhanced).

  • Face Down? No Way!

    Protect your lash investment. Sleeping on your back is the new chic. 💤 Give your lashes room to breathe, not squish.

  • Keep It Tight

    Think of your bond and sealant like the freshest avocados 🥑 – exposure to air is the enemy. Keep 'em sealed tight to avoid the dreaded dry-out.

  • Makeup Moves

    When you’re painting 🎨 the masterpiece that is your face, tread lightly around those eye masterpieces. Gentle does it.

  • Hands Off the Merch

    Treat those lashes like the delicate front row of a concert – look, don’t touch. 🖖🏼 Avoid any roughhousing to keep them in headline condition.

  • Shower Smart

    Water’s cool, but direct hits from the shower head? 🛀🏻 Not so much. Keep it low pressure, and remember, patting dry is way gentier than rubbing.

  • DIY Fixes

    Spot a lash out of tune? No stress. Reapply it with the same rockstar attitude (and technique) you used the first time. 🎸 Our bond and applicator are here for the encore.

  • Relock Ritual

    Kick off your day with the Relock Method – 🔒 a little dab of sealant at the roots, a gentle squeeze, and you’re set to rock those lashes for even longer.