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Lash Link

Lash Link Remover | Extension Remover Oil

Lash Link Remover | Extension Remover Oil

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Lash Link Remover | Extension Remover Oil

👋🏼Say See-Ya to Your Old Lash Set!👋🏼

Rocked that killer lash look all week and feeling the switch-up itch? Our Eyelash Extension Remover is your next ride-or-die!

Wave goodbye to the old and flutter in the new with our magic-in-a-bottle, specially whipped up to kiss goodbye to the bond between your lash extensions and those precious natural lashes of yours. Perfect for when you're craving a lash refresh or itching to switch up your style. Here's why you'll fall head over heels for the Lash Link Eyelash Extension Remover:

1. Tender Loving Care:
Your lashes are our top priority. Crafted with the softest touch in mind, our remover is a guardian angel for your eye area—safe, gentle, and absolutely no ouchies or oopsies.

2. DIY Dream:
Skip the salon drama and dive into the DIY dream. Our remover empowers you to take the reins, letting you bid adieu to those extensions on your own terms, in your own sanctuary. Salon who?

3. Slide Off Smooth:
Our formula doesn't just work; it wows. Designed to break down adhesive with the finesse of a pro, your extensions will glide off like butter, leaving your natural lashes happy, healthy, and waiting for what's next.

4. The Lash Link Promise:
Quality isn't just a word for us; it's our pledge. Every drop of our Eyelash Extension Remover is meticulously tested to ensure it meets our sky-high standards. Because you deserve the best, full stop.

Simply slather a generous swipe over your lashes, hang tight for 40-60 seconds, and gently roll down with the appicator OR wipe away with a makeup pad or cotton pad. Need another go? Just repeat the steps.

Ingredients with Intention:
Packed with goodies like Isododecane and a touch of White Mineral Oil, every ingredient is chosen with your lash love in mind. And hey, we're all about that patch test life. Give it a small try if you're feeling unsure, and always listen to your skin.

Here is the full list in case you wanna know: Isododecane, White mineral oil, LAURETH-4, Tween 80, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl hexyl glycerol, 2-phenoxyethanol

Caught a frown from our formula?

Rinse with warm water, bid farewell, and let's chat. Persistent ouch (which hardly ever happens)? A quick chat with your doc is your best bet.

Get ready to meet your lash game's new BFF. With Lash Link, saying goodbye to old extensions is just the beginning of another beautiful lash journey.

💜 Ready to rewrite your lash story? Lash Link's got you.

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