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Lash Link

Lash Link DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

Lash Link DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

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Lash Link DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

Welcome to your very first and very own Eyelash Extension Home Studio. Apply your lashes at home or on the go to suit your vibe.

👉🏼The Lash Link Kit makes up to 12 full sets of Lash styles that you can change and match according to your mood. Simply pop it in your bag when you are travelling, everything is included that you will need to apply your own eyelash extensions with ease.

Here is what's included:

  • 3x Lash Ribbons (you pick your style)
  • Bonder/Sealer Liquid
  • Remover Oil
  • Lash Styling Pad
  • Instructions
  • Tweezer Applicators
  • Scissors
  • Mirror and Travel Kit

The application takes around 8 to 10 minutes and the Lashes can last up to one week or even more if you choose to do so.

Each kit contains 8mm,10mm and 12 mm. Longer lengths can be purchased separately.

Why Lash Link | Who is it for?

  • No more lengthy Salon appointments
  • No more allergic reactions
  • No Lash damage
  • No more expensive 2- weekly refills
  • Change up your look whenever you like
  • Longer lasting than strip lashes but less commitment that eyelash extensions
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

LASH LINK LASH RIBBONS COME IN 3 STYLES & 5 different lengths. 

Check out our application and care tips


Pick Your Style-NYX is our FULL Volume Lash Extension Style.

Hera is our most natural lash

Iris can create more wispy/spikey and animé looking lashes.

NYX: She is FULL baby! Full, dark and fluffy. 

Lash Application Made Easy

Prep: Cleanse your eyelids and natural lashes, ensuring they are all oil free.

1. Choose your lash ribbon and cut it into 5-7 pieces per eye. Mix styles and lengths however you want to. You can use the styling pad to arrange the lash segments.

2. Apply STEP 1- BOND IT: Swipe a thin layer along your lash line or/and on the ribbon itself. Let dry for 30-40 sec. Don't apply on the tips of your lashes. 

3. Place the lash segment from underneath your lashes. For a dramatic effect and an even stronger staying power, you can also choose to apply a layer on top of your lashes. This way your natural lashes are sandwiched in and last even longer.

4. Use your lash, applicator/Tweezer, and gently press the lash bonds to secure them fully. If it gets sticky, apply a little STEP 2- "Seal it" on the tweezer.

5. Set the Scene with STEP2: Seal It: Once in place, seal the deal to lock in your look. Apply on the glue bonds and firmly lock them into place with your tweezers. 

Rock Your Lashes: Step back, admire your work, and hit the town (or your couch) with confidence.

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